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Love it!

Just want to thank the developer for designing such an elegant app! Now it is my third day using it and I never failed to keep a time log since day one. I have tried many other ways, including taking notes on a notebook, using a spreadsheet on my laptop and using other iOS apps - never worked for me even for a single day. But this one works!! Thank you, the developer!

Simple to Use and Very Well Done!

Very nice solution to quickly log work completed throughout the week. Although the app is not designed to be a full timesheet replacement, it can easily be repurposed for recording billable hours, mapped to “Projects or Clients” and “Task types”. Good Work!

Favorite Time Tracker on iOS

If you need syncing or to-the-second precision, this isn’t the app for you. If you are pretty much ANYONE ELSE, check out this app. Super quick to add, edit, or review time... and that’s pretty much all I have to say. The latest update cuts the loading time by two-thirds for me, which was the one thing I found annoying previously.

Way too many instructions

App itself is good. Instructions was too much. Though it was a game dismissing full screen instructions. How about give an option to user so I can choose the way I’d like to explore?



Suggestion for improvement

Great app. It makes recording time dairy easy. I would like to be able to track efficiency of time period, so we would be able to figure out when would be the best time to work on a certain project. Thanks!


I did not insist on using this app at first. It took time to learn the logic behind this app and the logic how the author understands time management. After I installed and uninstalled this app several times, now I stick to it! The author shares the same logic with me, especially on counting event objects. I like this option a lot. It's really helpful for freelancers to evaluate the value of work. It also inspires me by showing the pie chart of daily life without annoying unidentifiable life details. Data doesn't mean anything, but information do.

Trust me, this is the time tracking app you want

It’s perfect, intuitive, simple, and has all the features you need


If you've seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada, I'm the girl who only eats a cube of cheese, never sleeps, and is somehow always, always, always in the office at any given time of the day. You come into the lab at 10AM? I'm here. You need me to check the cell cultures for you at 3AM? I'm already here. It's raining Sunday night and you got a flat tire, rang me up, pleading me to move the bacterias removed from the incubators to the fridge?? Done. I'm not here by choice. I'm here because there's so much to do all the time, and there's not enough time, ever! I can't ever keep track of what I'm doing either, or whats been done, and what I'm supposed to follow up on. It's incredibly frustrating because I know work has been done, - a lot of work! But I'm just so busy to log it in real time so it all ends up in the abyss. I'm in 6th circle of hell, slowly entering the 7th. So bless this app, because it actually freaking works. Things are actually getting logged for once! And not only things, but the amount of time spent on them. Gosh I'm seeing visual data telling me I need to get the heck outta here and drink some orange juice. But yeah. This app? Life changing. To the developer: what do you think aboooout customizable palettes? Or adding one more nest to the items list? Just some ideas. The app is amazing already though, can't thank you enough.

Easy, simple

This is the first app I can keep using it day by day!

The only one that works for me

I was hesitated at first because I don't really like the pixelated look, but they actually have an option to change the pixel UI to sleek UI. I tried so many time-tracking app. But this is the only one that works for me. As a form of gratitude, I try to mention some of the main features that I like. Hopefully, it would help people who still considering to get this app. 1. Super fast! It's very easy to track time, thus keep me motivated. 2. Lots of stats and trends. I love numbers and charts! It's useful to see how much time I spent for something. This app boosts my productivity a lot. 3. Can be used as planner. This isn't only for time-tracking, but I can set future time blocks and assign them into something. The app would remind me when I should start doing what I planned. And there's a small circle to differentiate which one has actually happened and which one was planned. So you can overwrite the planned ones as you track what actually happened. 4. Colorful! Customizable colors, categories, objects, and bunch of advanced settings. Beautiful UI, awesome functionality. 5. Easy to export and backup. To developer: I actually tried your other app to track where I put stuff. And it also works very well. I'm looking forward for your next apps!! Thank you very much for improving my life.

Thank you. This has changed my life ❤️

I've never written a review for an app before, but this app deserves it. I have (as many people do) issues with time management, at the end of the day I'm like, "where did my time go, I got nothing done". Then a day turns into a week, week into months, then before you realize it you've wasted a year. This app is so easy at tracking my time it wasn't hard to make it habitual, and then you can see where you do/did waste that time. "Oh snap, I've spent more time watching YouTube then with my family this week. That's a problem" Then I can adjust my habits. I'm becoming more productive and spending less times doing meaningless things because I can see where it went. Thanks for this. I'm recommending it to everyone now :)

Its easy and functional

If you want to be more organized, this app is for you

Does what it says

Well designed app, but I don't feel I have a use for it.

特别喜欢这种简洁好用的 app


Perfect App!

I love it



Easiest time tracker

Exactly what i needed. Quick entry for 1/2 hour blocks in past or future with details.



Best time tracking app ever

This is certainly one of the best time managing app I ever used, thanks! Keep going

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