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Thank you. This has changed my life ❤️

I've never written a review for an app before, but this app deserves it. I have (as many people do) issues with time management, at the end of the day I'm like, "where did my time go, I got nothing done". Then a day turns into a week, week into months, then before you realize it you've wasted a year. This app is so easy at tracking my time it wasn't hard to make it habitual, and then you can see where you do/did waste that time. "Oh snap, I've spent more time watching YouTube then with my family this week. That's a problem" Then I can adjust my habits. I'm becoming more productive and spending less times doing meaningless things because I can see where it went. Thanks for this. I'm recommending it to everyone now :)

Its easy and functional

If you want to be more organized, this app is for you

Does what it says

Well designed app, but I don't feel I have a use for it.

特别喜欢这种简洁好用的 app


Perfect App!

I love it



Easiest time tracker

Exactly what i needed. Quick entry for 1/2 hour blocks in past or future with details.



Best time tracking app ever

This is certainly one of the best time managing app I ever used, thanks! Keep going

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